Welcome to Summer!

Welcome to Summer!

We're celebrating the first day of Summer and all the stuff you need to make the most of it.

Well it's officially the first day of Summer, which means heat and lots of it, so you better go outside and make the most of this Saskatchewan Summer before we're up to our necks in snow and cold.

As nice as the heat is though, sometimes the sun just does not know when to quit, and you start to feel like your insides are being roasted into some sort of human soup, which... gross. 

So here are some tips to avoid the soup situation and get the most out of your Summer.


A shade shelter is key. Picture this; you're on a patio somewhere, living your best life, when suddenly the sun decides takes on a take no prisoners persona and you're about to be fried. Whip out a Burton Whetstone Shelter and your're good to go. The best part is that the Burton Whetstone shelter is big enough for lots of people. You've essentially made your very own shady V.I.P section. You'll be everyone's best friend.


Stay Hydrated! We don't care what you're staying hydrated with, just make sure it's some sort of liquid and that it is cold as heck. To make sure it stays as cold and refreshing as possible, put that life saving, summer saving beverage into a Yeti. Whether it's a cooler, a Rambler, a Tumbler or a Colster, it's guaranteed to keep that beverage cooler for longer. 


Sunscreen. We like SunBum suncreen and sunblock because it's a clean sunscreen, and it smells really, really good. Plus it works amazingly well. You don't want to be that person walking around with the telltale red spots that seem to say, I fought with the sun and I lost miserably... So ya sunscreen, it's important, and if you don't want to do it for the sake of your skin, at least do it for the sake of your pride.


And that's it. So make a toast to the first day of Summer and ten go outside and enjoy it.



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