The Return of the Visor.

The Return of the Visor.

The Visor is back and here's how to make your own.

Is the visor making a comeback?


Could it be true that that hat of choice for golfers and gardeners alike is gaining ground with the youth of the world? 


Maybe not quite yet, but I think this 90's staple should make a comeback, so I took it upon myself to make one, and you can too.


But before we start this DIY process, I'm going to explain to you all the benefits you get out of a Visor Situation. 


First of all and arguably most important, there is no hat hair to worry about, BUT you still get all the shady benefits of a hat, and ladies, your messy bun can remain planted firmly on top of your head, and yet you still have shade! It's amazing really.


... Honestly, that's the only reason I could think of besides the fact that they're cool now. So let's dive into how to make one.


1. Find a hat that you think would make a RAD visor. You could even check out our headwear section on this site. There's definitely some good visor material on there. 


2. Find some scissors and a pen.


3. Put your sick future visor on someone's head ( ask first) take your pen and start drawing out where you want the top edge of your visor to be. 


4. Take your trusty scissors and start cutting. I recommend cutting on the line you drew but hey, if a creative energy takes a hold of you as you're cutting, you want to stick it to the man and cut anywhere but the line you just drew, then go for it. We're not here to judge.


5. Put on your brand new visor and soak in all the compliments your'e going to get. Like "Dude, sick visor" or " Your face is so shaded but your hair looks like it's never seen a hat in it's life. That's amazing"

and you might even get a " You're the coolest person ever". Here's hoping right?


 Now you can go forward and spread the good word of the visor. The rest of the visor wearing community is depending on you.



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