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Pit Viper Terremoto Hat

The official hat of your cousin who was in a full body cast from falling on his homemade ramp.


Pit Viper Flame Hat

What’s better than flames? Exactly. Now when you’re driving your van with flames on the side, your hat matches. You’re welcome.


Pit Viper Gloves

With a minimal lightweight design, these single layer gloves let you feel the brap.


Pit Viper Brapstrap Rainbow Lens

A Brapstrap lens for full sun conditions, or people with superior eyesight. Optional lens stickers included in packaging.


Pit Viper Brapstrap

Fast goggles for fast people.


Pit Viper Hot Tropics 2000 Polarized

Rock the rainbow mirrored polarized lens guaranteed to distract your fishing buddies like no other shades can.


Pit Viper The 1993 2000

Ahem, the 1993s are back and better than ever.


Pit Viper The Hot Tropics 2000

Absolutely no one asked Pit Viper to make neon pink frames with zebra stripes, so they said yes and got right to work.


Pit Viper The Responder 2000

Before you go save that old lady’s cat from that tree, grab a pair of the Responder 2000s.


Pit Viper The Night Caulker 2000

Do you have eyes? You like seeing clearly at night, knowing that your z87+ rated Pit Vipers will protect you from danger?


Pit Viper The Free Range 2000

These blue framed wonders have a signature paint splatter, an amber lens.


Pit Viper The Afterparty 2000

These 2000s have an amber lens, radical splatter paint look , and Z87+ Safety Rating to keep the party going long after the cops show up.


Pit Viper The Monster Bull 2000

The Monster Bull 2000 sports a rubberized black frame with neon green splatter.


Pit Viper The Hail Sagan 2000

“These shades slap” - Carl Sagan, probably.


Pit Viper The Carnivore 2000

It's a 2000! These bad boys feature an ANSI Z87+ Safety Rating, roomier fit, and redesigned ear, nose, and turbo adjustment areas.


Pit Viper The Big Buck 2000

The Big Buck Hunters return in 2000s form.


Pit Viper The Baja Blaster 2000

Pit Vipers aren’t just for real sports any more. 


Pit Viper The Motorboat Polarized

The essence of aquatic recreation, captured and trapped forever in a physical object.


Pit Viper The Lightspeed Polarized

One of the Pit Viper designers was invited to test out the newest top secret lightspeed travel tech.


Pit Viper The Kumquat Polarized

The Kumquats are polarized, rocking an orange frame with a unique shimmer treatment, and might just be the most underrated fruit in the store.


Pit Viper Absolute Liberty

Liberty is ringing and you better pick up.


Pit Viper The Mudslinger

Head down your favorite happy trail with the incredible Mud Slingers.


Pit Viper LA Brights Polarized

Imagine this. White and pink, but in the most badass way possible.


Pit Viper The Gold Standard Polarized

Gold, our primal instincts draw us to this element.

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