Men's Hybrid and Gravel Bikes

Men's Hybrid and Gravel Bikes

Hybrid and Gravel Bikes are the love children of mountain bikes and road bikes. 

Hybrid Bikes have a narrower tire width than a mountain bike which makes them way more efficient on pavement, but they still have the comfort of a mountain bike.

They are perfect for people who spend most of their time on pavement but occasionally like to wander off the path and explore a little. They tend to lean a little more towards their mountain bike background in terms of parts and geometry.

Gravel Bikes lean more towards their road background and are essentially road bikes that like to go offroad. They have a wider tire width than a standard road bike which makes them more comfy to ride and more capable of handling different terrain as well as slightly different geometry. 

They are great for people who want something really efficient to ride but do not want to sacrifice comfort  . They also make great adventure bikes for bike packing or touring. 

If these sound good to you, keep scrolling.

Rocky Mountain Solo A30 Sram

Designed to make every ride an adventure


Cannondale Topstone 4

Explore further. Ride freer.

C$1,735.00 C$1,605.00

Cannondale Carbon Topstone 4

Nothing is impassable


Giant Roam 2 Disc

Follow your own route, wherever it may lead.

C$1,029.00 C$949.00

Giant Revolt 2

Whether you ride dirt roads, trails, gravel or a mix of everything, you want a bike that floats right through it, keeps you in control, and is comfortable for long days in the saddle.


Cannondale Topstone 3

Explore further. Ride freer.

C$1,970.00 C$1,900.00
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