Let's Talk Baselayer.

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Let's Talk Baselayer.

Why you definitely DO need to wear Baselayer.

Let's talk Base layers....


If you know what a base-layer is and why it is VERY  important, then congrats, your'e going to thrive in Winter. You probably even enjoy Winter which, believe it or not is a novel idea to some people. See below.


Now, if you're one of those people that becomes defiant at the very mention of a proper base layer, ex: " I don't need that nice, warm technical piece of clothing that will actually help me enjoy being outside, I'll just wear this shitty old tee shirt that I got for free in a box of beer". Then have a seat because you're about to get some knowledge dropped on you. 


Basically what I'm saying is in order to stay warm outside in Winter, a proper base-layer will actually change your life for the better and here's why.


Most clothing that you can buy, or get for free is made up of cotton or at least has some percentage of cotton. Cotton is not quick drying. Like at all. It takes forever. So when you sweat, ( which let's face it, happens 24/7), cotton holds onto moisture and refuses to let go, and what happens you go out in the cold in wet clothing... You get Hypothermia and your chance of survival goes down approximately 100%.  Is that extreme? Maybe but you get the idea.


Proper base-layers are made up of technical fibres like Merino Wool, and Polyester. Both of these fibres actually get rid of moisture from the surface of the skin as fast as possible, which in-turn keeps you warmer, and no, those old university sweats you have at the back of your closet DO NOT do the same thing. Not even close. 


If it's a money issue, I get that. That's fine. Start with the top. When you're trying to keep warm on a budget, focus on you're core. That's where you heart is and that's what's circulating all your nice warm blood to all your extremities, therefore keeping them and you warmer. 


If you don't know what type of base layer would be suited to your outdoor needs, I have put together a handy chart that lays out the benefits of each to help you out.



  • doesn't dry
  • colder than my heart
  • try going outside in a wet towel and see how that feels
  • so cold


Merino Wool

  • My favourite
  • not scratchy
  • cozy
  • quick drying
  • anti-microbial (so you don't stink)
  • still insulates when wet ( no hypothermia here)
  • the warmest



There are many, many different types of polyester base layers out there so is very general.

  • quick drying
  • breathable
  • lighter weight than wool
  • not as warm as wool
  • can be more price friendly


So consider all these things next time we mention base layer to you. We're not just trying to sell you useless things so that we can roll around in all the extra base layer money, we actually want to you be able to go outside and not be the person complaining about how you're cold, while everyone else who dressed properly from the skin out is side-eyeing you because, well... you know.


And the best part is you literally just need one set, and you can wear that one set alllllll winter. Even on a daily basis. Chances are when you come into the shop on a freezing cold day, there will be a few staff rocking their base layer that day, because it is Comfy AF.

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