Steady Rack Steady Rack e-Bike Rack Steady Rack Steady Rack e-Bike Rack Steady Rack Steady Rack e-Bike Rack
Steady Rack Steady Rack e-Bike Rack Steady Rack Steady Rack e-Bike Rack Steady Rack Steady Rack e-Bike Rack

Steady Rack e-Bike Rack


Steadyrack's Electric Bike Rack, or, eBike Rack has been designed to be our most flexible rack yet!

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Steady Rack
Article number: B-SREBK-001
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Steadyrack's Electric Bike Rack, or, eBike Rack has been designed to be our most flexible rack yet! Whether you have a heavy eBike you don’t want to lift, an electric bike with fenders/mudguards, or an electric commuter bike with larger tires – the eBike rack is suitable for heaps of different bikes.



Best for
eBikes WITH Fenders, eMTB, Commuter, City, Town

Designed for electric bikes with:

  • Wheel Diameter: 20" – 29"
  • Tire Width: 2.1" – 2.8"
  • Maximum Weight: 35kgs / 77lbs
  • Bikes with Fenders/Mudguards



Bike Racks for Electric Bikes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that there’s no denying that eBikes are on the rise. A bike for everyone, they’re a hit with the young and old, commuters and weekend-only riders, professional mountain bikers and those just starting out. There’s an eBike for everyone so we want to make sure there’s an electric bike rack for everyone as well!

The newest addition to the Steadyrack collection, our eBike Rack is now one of our most versatile racks. Our eBike Rack not only accommodates heavier eBikes but also electric bikes with Fenders and Mudguards – making it the perfect rack for many kinds of bikes.

eBikes have a lot of pros – they make cycling more accessible to the masses and make riding longer distances easier – which in turn leads to less cars on the roads. All these benefits don’t make them any lighter though, with some eBikes weighing upwards of 30kg. We don’t know about you, but the last thing we want to do after a nice long bike ride is to haul an extremely heavy electric bike over our heads. That’s where a Steadyrack comes in!

With Steadyrack eBike Racks, there’s no need to lift your electric bike at all – simply roll your eBike into place and store it easily. The design of the wall mounted eBike rack will pick the bike up off the floor for you. As each Steadyrack has a unique 160° pivot, it also makes getting to your eBike charger much more efficient and frees up your precious storage space. Simply swivel the bike to the side, and voila!

Our electric bike racks are also for eBikes with fenders and mudguards. Just make sure to check you have a minimum clearance of 2cm / 3/4 inches between the tire and the fender stays. 

Maximize your Space

Steadyrack's revolutionary design allows you to store your bike upright, off the floor and saves more of your valuable floor space. When the bike rack is empty, the arm simply folds away, making them a compact folding bike storage solution.


No Lifting Required

No need to lift and juggle your bikes, just balance your bike on the back wheel, push it in and allow the rack to do the lifting. Got a heavy bike? Just hold the back brake, grab the handlebars and walk backwards to lever the bike onto the rear wheel. An easy motion suitable for people of all ages, capabilities, and strengths.

Tires Fit Snugly and Securely

Holds up to 35kg, bikes with tire width between 2.1 - 2.8 inches fit snugly and securely. The Steadyrack can accommodate almost any type of bike, providing secure bike storage solutions for everyone.


Swivels up to 160 degrees

Steadyrack bike racks can be mounted vertically to almost any wall and will conveniently swivel up to 160 degrees, from side to side, allowing for significant space-saving advantages. Bikes can be overlapped in Steadyracks and stored close together without sacrificing the ease of loading or access to individual bikes.

Built to Last to Keep you Bike Protection

Change your bike, no need to change racks: Steadyracks are made with high-quality steel and plastic components which are designed to last a very long time when properly maintained. Unlike other racks, a Steadyrack won't damage your rims or the bike frame, as the only contact between the rack and your bike is with the front tire.


Make going Cycling Easy

Unloading a Steadyrack is a breeze. Just grab your handlebars and pull. You'll be out riding before you know it. Plus, if you store multiple bikes together, you'll be able to access each individual bike easily thanks to the pivoting motion.

Fit more Bikes into Smaller Spaces

For limited wall space, you can stagger the height of the racks to overlap your bikes, making Steadyrack the perfect option for apartments and small sheds. Steadyracks can be placed as close as 350mm (1ft 2in) apart.


Easy to Install

Each Steadyrack comes with fixings included for timber or masonry (brick/concrete) installation and detailed instructions. Easy for anyone with minimal DIY knowledge to install.

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